Interior design that gives your customers…

Commercial design to refresh, rebrand or reinvent your business 


For your tired restaurant, bar or holiday let. Your repeat bookings are dwindling but your imagination’s gone AWOL. All you know is it’ll take more than just ‘a lick of paint’ to sort things out.

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I’ll do the reimagining for you to give your space some swank! You’ll get simple restyling options all based on clever design know-how that will really do the trick.

You get to keep what’s working and only ditch the stuff that’s not. And your customers will be back to get their ‘feel-good’ feels in no time.


Did you know that a big part of interior design is not just how your interior space looks, but the whole look and feel of your business?

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From logos on your linen to the colours in your menus. Even down to the guestbook your customers’ sign. It’s the ‘stamp’ of your business. What makes it unique. Your brand.

So if your branding needs a shakeup, tied together with some solid interior styling, then I can help you out.

And before long, your brand and the top-notch service you provide will be woven together as one.


You’re a business owner that knows sensational surroundings equals a cracking customer experience. Keep customers coming back for more (and no sneaking off to your competitors down the road) with smart interior design from start to finish.

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As your personal business partner-come-interior-style-guru, I’ll get to the heart of your business and the gold star service you provide.

Then I’ll make sure your customers know about it. With logo redesign, branding and visual marketing that oozes your story. Woven together with interior design that takes your customers on an epic journey. One they’ll want to relive again and again.

The Ivy Rose Interiors fluff-free vow (what you’ll get, no nonsense)

  • Your back-of-an-envelope vision pulled together (with finishing touches you never knew you needed)
  • Practical solutions, chock-full of style. As standard
  • Design brimming with your brand’s story
  • One-of-a-kind, tantalising design with your customers’ experience at the heart (that gets them clicking the 5* button before they’ve even got their coat on…)
  • Access to a smorgasbord of suppliers to find those all-important finishing flourishes (if not, I’ll make it, paint it, or find someone who can!)
  • Your budget always in mind – sensational design doesn’t have to break the bank
  • Work in person or remotely. With the digital age there’s nothing stopping us
  • A fun and empowering design experience that won’t feel like work. Guaranteed

Founder (dog lover and fine dining enthusiast) of Ivy Rose Interiors

Hello! I’m Rebecca Ivy Rose Lewis-Knight. But you can call me Becks. I have an insatiable love of fine dining, and a weekend away in a boutique hotel is just heaven! My highly excitable spaniel is aptly named Albert-Roux and my cocktail of choice is an Old Fashioned. I’m also the founder & designer of UK-based Ivy Rose Interiors.

I’m a business owner like you, so I know that if you do all the little things for your customer, they’ll feel cared for and seen. Then before you know it, you’ll have a raving fanbase, customers for life and a business that’s flourishing.

Ivy Rose Interiors blossomed out of a deep desire to make a difference in people’s lives, from many years of caring for patients to now making that difference through exceptional design.

Design that completely considers every exquisite detail of your customer’s experience. From a well-placed coat hook on the back of a bathroom door to the feel of the cutlery in your diner’s hand. Taking your customer on an ambient journey that ignites the senses. One they’ll never forget.

And that’s my gift to you – intuitive interior design that customers can’t get enough of.

Keeping them coming back. Again and again.

Client Testimonials

“We found Becks to be very professional, down to earth and easy going. She has great taste, and an amazing vision, identifying ways to take our business and customer experience to the next level. We would absolutely recommend working with IVY ROSE INTERIORS, not only because of their capability and skill, but because of their dedication, passion and knowledge. They read our needs very well and have a unique style.”

Alfonso & Eddie – Don Diego Restaurante

“Rebecca has always provided in-depth research and reasoning behind her recommendations and because she really listens to what we want to achieve she can incorporate her unique style and presentation to help us provide a ‘wow’ factor to our clients with each project.”

Chris O’Grady – Founder – Good Day Organics Ltd

“My restaurant required a refresh, I envisaged having a bit ore of a welcoming and cosy atmosphere, with some subtle changes and additions. I needed some external expertise. The ‘fine dining enthusiast’ gave me complete confidence & belief that we should consult IVY ROSE INTERIORS, Becks was a fish inside water when she attended my restaurant and completely understood what was trying to be achieved here.”

Adbul Hoque – General Manager – Umami

“Using her life experience, Rebecca designs interiors that are both thoughtful and scientifically beneficial to those who use them.”

Sarah Taylor – University of Wolverhampton, Judge of the Lord Swraj Paul Gift Fund 2021

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